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Customer Care

  1. Questions/Feedback?
    Please feel free to contact us at questions@doordoorbakery.com

  2. Where is your shop?
    You are most welcome to visit our shop at G/F, 65 Broadway Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen.  The nearest MTR is Mei Foo, exit A. You'll see a large sign on your right when you exit, you won't miss us.

    *Please note we currently sell our products at this location only, we are not responsible for Door Door Bakery products sold at any other locations. 

  3. How should the nougats be stored? 
    We recommend enjoying Door Door nougats within one month of purchase. The sooner you enjoy them, the better they will taste. Otherwise, they can be kept in the fridge in its original packaging for up to three months. Bring them out to cool at room temperature for at least 10mins before consumption.

  4. Do you cater to special requests for events?
    Please email orders of more than 50 boxes/pounds or any special requests to order@doordoorbakery.com and we will try our best to cater to your needs. 

  5. What is corn syrup?
    Corn syrup is not high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
    HFCS is the stuff in most processed foods use in mass food manufacturing that allows the food to be stored for a very long time and is very hard for our bodies to process. Corn syrup, frequently used in home cooking, is made by breaking down cornstarch into sugars and is comprised mainly of glucose, which is easily processed by our bodies. Table sugar is made up of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose.

    It is used to achieve the chewy texture of our nougats without making it too sweet and is the agent that helps prevent crystallization so our nougats can stay perfect for a week or two for you to enjoy.
  1. What’s so special about nougats being handmade?
    When ingredients are fresh, not highly processed, and prepared by the hands and experience of a passionate chef, the product is bound to be made with care and one-of-a-kind. Confectioneries should be of no exception and we know you can taste the difference.
  2. How many pieces are there in each box?
    Nougats are an aerated confection, made by incorporating air at the precise temperature to achieve the perfect lightness and texture, making each batch of nougat slightly different in density. Thus, each box of nougat is measured by weight and can range from 32 to 38 pieces, depending on the flavour, but definitely one pound of chewy goodness. Please check each product page for more details. 

  3. Where else can I buy your product?
    Unless stated otherwise on our website, our products are only sold at our Mei Foo branch at G/F, 65 Broadway Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen. Please understand we are not responsible for products sold under the Door Door Bakery name at any other unauthorized locations.

    Bad Weather Arrangements 
    When Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory, delivery services will be suspended. If this should occur, we will contact you to re-arrange the delivery time. Delivery services may be delayed due to heavy rainstorm and bad weather. 

  1. 意見或查詢?

  2. 我還有什麼地方可以購買多多貨品?
    本公司只有一間分店:美孚新村百老匯街65號地下。最近的地鐵站, 美孚A出口, 右手邊會見到多多招牌,一定不會錯過。它牌除此之外,除非另有說明, 其他店舖所出售之多多貨品均與本公司無關。

  3. 如何保持鳥結糖新鮮

    多多鳥結糖每天新鮮製做。我們建議您一個月內食用。越早食越食到鳥結糖最佳風味。您也可以冷藏原包裝的鳥結糖最多三​個月。想食用時,把鳥結糖在室溫至少10分鐘, 同新鮮一樣如此煙韌與香脆 

  4. 如有特別訂購要求


  5. 什麼是玉米糖漿?
    玉米糖漿絕不是高果糖玉米糖漿 (High Fructose Corn Syrup)。高果糖玉米糖漿主要由基因改造玉米製造的,因此成本很低。用來大量生產食品並保持長時間不會變壞.


  6. 為甚麼人手製造很重要?


  7. 每盒鳥結糖有多少塊?

    鳥結糖烹飪過程經攪擦使榶體充入細密的氣泡,使到質構特點和風味各異並密度及體積會有差別. 因此每個盒裝按重量計定,每盒有1磅 - 32至38塊.