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We accept the following methods of payment for our online orders:
Visa, Master or American Express credit cards
Bank Transfer

Secure Credit Card Payment 

Your payment for our online purchases is processed securely by PayPal – an online payment platform for individuals and businesses to send and receive money securely online.

Payment through PayPal 
You can pay directly through your PayPal account. 

When you sign up for a PayPal account, you get the same industry-leading security we use to process all our payments. 

Pay easily and securely with your bank account or credit card online
Personal details are securely saved in your PayPal account so you don't need to dig out your credit card and enter the details every time you pay.
A confirmation email will be sent to you when you make a payment.
PayPal Security PayPal 
Protection for your purchases - Buyer protection on eligible transactions for up to the full purchase price plus original shipping charges.
Prevention to help stop fraud - Industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.
Privacy - Your financial information is not shared with the merchant.
Get notified of the latest tools to combat fraud and identity theft.

Bank Transfers  

If you have chosen to pay for your order through bank transfer, please make payment to this account: 
Account name: Door Door Fast Food and Bakery Ltd  

Account no.: 254-9-004972

Bank code and name: 024 Hang Seng Bank Limited  

You can then reply to this e-mail (order@doordoorbakery.com) with an image of the payment slip or reference number. We will dispatch your order once your payment has been verified.  


Visa, Master 或 American Express 信用卡
PayPal 付款服務

我們網上購物使用PayPal 付款處理商。PayPal是個人和商家網上安全付款與收款的方式, 使買家和賣家都可獲保障, 令顧客購物更安全及安心。

使用 PayPal 付款服務

您可通過您的 PayPal 帳戶直接付款。

當您註冊一個 PayPal 帳戶,即可享有PayPal 採用的領先網上付款處理技術所提供的保障。
帳戶或信用卡個人資料在你的PayPal 帳戶安全地保存,不需要每次購物時輸入資料。
每次當您進行付款, PayPal 將會通過電子郵件發送付款確認。

買家購物安全保障 - 對於獲認可的交易,買家最多可獲得等同於交易金額加實付運送費用的保障。
防範欺詐技術 - 採用最新的加密和防範欺詐技術,全年無休為你監控帳戶並提供安全保障。
財務資料私隱 - PayPal 會永遠保護你的財務資料私隱,每次購物皆不會向商家透露資料。


戶口持有人姓名: Door Door Fast Food and Bakery Ltd 

戶口號碼: 254-9-004972

銀行編號及名稱: 024 恒生銀行有限公司 Hang Seng Bank Limited