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The Nougat

| noo-guh t, noo-gah |
Nostalgic. Rustic. Divine.

The nougat has noble roots,  born from a time when confectionaries were a decadent treat reserved for royalty,  from the kings of the French Monarchy, to the emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

Its allure has since then made it around the world,  no longer exclusive to the royal kitchen,  transforming itself into a variety of textures, flavours and fanciful treats.

From its royal heritage to its common popularity,  it has become a festive tradition for many during Christmas and Chinese New Year.

In Hong Kong,  the Asian heritage has passed on as a classic confection that is representative of traditional Hong Kong bakeries.

The Making – When Sugar Turns To Silk

The nougat’s modern appeal is in its rustic yet sophisticated charm with its smooth creamy exterior studded with a generous helping of nuts and other complements.

The traditional European recipe accentuates the luscious sweet taste of honey and uses roasted almonds or pistachios.
While in Asia, the recipe originally used molasses giving a more caramelized flavour, which was popular with peanuts, which is also known as the Longevity Nut in the Chinese culture.

The nougat is a simple blend of
boiled sugar,
corn syrup,
and frothy whipped egg whites.

Precision and technique is what brings sophistication to this simple blend, turning it into divine glossy ribbons of silky chewiness.

Precision, Technique, Perfection.

Door Door takes pride in its 40 years of experience in skillfully creating nougats that balances texture and flavour, where nuts maintain their crunch and rice puffs maintain their crispiness while they are wrapped around a velvety nougat that is smooth and chewy.

The flavours are distinct and the nougat itself is not overpoweringly sweet.  Skill is combined with experience, the Door Door kitchen creates its flavours from knowing the local favourites, from classic Asian tastes of black sesame or ginger to the sumptuous coffee or blueberry flavour.  


The Edible Rice Paper

The delicate nougat are carefully cut into convenient bite sized rectangles and each piece of these soft white pillows is then wrapped around in a thin edible film of rice paper, to protect it from sticking to each other.

There’s more to this thin layer of rice paper.

As you sink your teeth into a piece of chewy nougat and that rice paper crackles, know that it brings back fond memories to those that grew up with Hong Kong snacks from the 70s.  You're tasting candy like it was made when Door Door first opened shop, and that holds something special for us, and an extra sparkle to our nougats.






迄今,鳥結糖仍然是一份充滿心意的禮物, 其背後的故事讓它成為適合任何場合與人共享的小吃。




煮熟的糖和玉米糖漿混合打起的蛋白和牛油 ,配以最溫和的烹調溫度混合, 就能變成神聖柔滑的質感。



多多帶有38年做鳥結糖的經驗,創造出多款完美款式,包括各款果肉鳥結糖,以及本店的熱賣之選 - 脆心鳥結糖 - 是多多引而自豪的出品。